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2017 Projects

DTSB Design and Build Rural Bridge for Land and District Perak

Project: To Construct New Bridge at Kampung Rancangan Merah, Lenggong, Perak D.R.

(Membina Jambatan Baru Di Kampung Rancangan Merah, Lenggong, Perak Darul Ridzuan.)

GPS Location: 5.222522 N, 101.071337 E

Structure Type: Single Spans 42m by 4m Wide Composite Bridge System.

Superstructure Feature: 1 piece of DURA® UBG1750-42m with Cast In-Situ RC Deck

Substructure Feature: Cast in-situ RC abutments

Foundation Feature: 200 x 200 mm RC pile

Loading Type: HA+KEL or 30 units HB loadings

Client: Pejabat Daerah dan Tanah Hulu Perak

S.O.: Pejabat Daerah Dan Tanah Hulu Perak

Consultant: Jurutera Perunding Technology

Contractor: Dura Technology S/B

Construction Status: Completed 

Piling works at abutment A.
Lean concrete at abutments casted.
Steel reinforcement cage for abutment.
Both abutments partially constructed.
Abutments ready to receive precast beam.
Unloading DURA-UBG1750 beam segment.
Assembly of temporary supports for beam launching.
Setting of crane for beam segments positioning.
One unit 400 tonnes mobile crane used to assembly the six U-beam segments from one end of the river bank.
Positioning of first end segment using single lifting.
Positioning of second segment.
Positioning of third segment.
Positioning of fourth segment.
Installation of fifth segment.
Positioning the six last segment (end block).
Installation of PC strands into the ducts.
Stressing work in progress.
Preparation of formwork for RC decking and abutments.
Abutments constucted (1)
Abutments constucted (4)
Concreting RC deck.
Concreting approach slab.
Backfilling approach road.
Abutments coated with PU paint.
A single span UBG1750-42m U girder with cast in-situ RC deck.
Completed bridge.
Completed bridge.
Completed bridge.
Piling works at abutment A.
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