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UHPC Bridge Tech Helps to Transform “Dangerous Bridges” at Rural Roads in Eastern Guangdong, China

01Guangdong Provincial Highway Society (GPHS) was founded on July 16, 1976, and is an academic institution voluntarily formed by the highway & traffic authority, science and technology workers department and related fields in the province. This society is mainly focusing in the exchange of science and technology advancement, academic advisory services, project audit and evaluation, professional and technical training,talent recommendation, industry journal publishing and so on.

Guangdong Province is one of the major economic provinces for the entire China economy. Construction and development of highway and bridge started early thus results Guangdong Province become one of the top Province with large number of bridges built in China. After decades of these bridges constructed, most of these bridges now are in relatively bad shape and has categorized as “Dangerous Bridges” due to the services life limitation and the increasing traffic loading capacity to the bridge structures. In 2019, the project on the transformation of the dangerous bridges on the rural highway in Guangdong Province was included in one of the "Ten People's Livelihood Facts" project of the Guangdong Provincial Government, and tender and construction process of the said bridges was officially launched in January 2019.

On March 14, 2019, Guangdong Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (GCEG) and Guangdong Transportation Group Co., Ltd. (GTG) built a general contracting consortium, winning the bid for the I. and II bid stakes, respectively. GCEG on March 29 and the Guangdong Provincial Highway Affairs Center (GPHAC) has signed a general contracting agreement (refer to Figure 1), according to the general contracting agreement, the construction group is responsible for the construction of seven cities in eastern Guangdong Shantou, Chaozhou, Meizhou, about 140 dangerous bridges needed to be strengthened or rehabilitate, the winning bid amount is RMB 219 million yuan.

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