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Zhonglu DURA Announces The Official Opening Of Its New Plant In China

21GUANGZHOU: UHPC is also being investigated for use in a variety of other applications. These applications include precast concrete piles, seismic retrofit of substandard bridge substructures, thin-bonded overlays on deteriorated bridge decks, and security and blast mitigation applications. In a general sense, UHPC has proven to be particularly relevant in applications where conventional solutions are lacking.In 2017, Dura went into China and took a 20% stake in a joint-venture firm called ZhongLu-Dura International Engineering Co Ltd, where it would contribute its technological know-how.On November 16, 2019 , ZhongLu-Dura precast factory officially launches the factory by the chairman of ZhongLu-Dura International Engineering Co. Ltd (中路杜拉国际工程有限公司) Mr. Mao Zhi Jian (毛志坚). During the opening, there are many products display like an exhibition for the distinguished guest and other visitor to study the materials of the product.

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Sabah World Rivers Day 2019 : International Conference And Exhibition

05KOTA KINABALU: Sabah World Rivers Day is a celebration of the world’s waterways to increase public awareness and encourages the improved stewardship of rivers around the world. On September 24-25, 2019 Department of Irrigation and Drainage (DID) and The Institution of Engineer Malaysia (IEM) held its International Conference and Exhibition : Sabah World Rivers Day at Sutera Harbour Resort, Sabah. The ceremony was officiated by Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal, also present at the event State Agriculture and Food Industry Minister, Datuk Junz Wong, DID Sabah Director, Datuk Haji Yahiya Awang Kahar, DID Malaysia Deputy Director-General, Datuk Haji Nor Hisham Mohd Ghazali, IEM Sabah Chairman, Dr James Yong Hon Min, and the organising chairperson, Jeffrey Ng Vun Ping, and others. 

The purpose for the event is to share the knowledge of the new technologies for preserving the environment to avoid illegal logging in particularly at forest reserves that has significantly impacted the people’s life. Datuk Shafie said studies on sand extraction and land reclamation have been conducted in various locations in Sabah and addressing the environmental and social impacts associated with legal and illegal sand extraction is not easy as sand and concrete are as ingrained in modern societies and economies as fossil fuels, and similarly will require a global change in attitude and practices if river systems are to be preserved. “So it’s time for action, more action, more joint action. Because it’s only through integrative effort, we can adapt to the harsh reality of climate change. It’s only through working together, in coalitions that we can mitigate the effects of climate change. Or better still, prevent them. As we know from experience that prevention helps, and prevention is always better than cure,” he said.

The next day, our CEO of Dura has been invited as one of the speakers to participate in this event. He was presenting about “Application of Ultra-High Performance Fiber Reinforced Concrete Technology for Bridges”, the primary focus will be on topics related to “Technologies for Waterbodies”. Dr Voo said “Overall, this material offers solutions with advantages such as speed of construction, superior durability, and impermeability against corrosion, abrasion and impact which translates to reduced maintenance and a longer life span for the structure that can help people’s life”. 
Last but not least, Datuk Shafie said “ That is why I took the initiative to support this conference and exhibition”. Rivers in virtually every country face an array of threats, and only through our active involvement can we ensure their health in the years ahead.
Sabah World Rivers Day International Conference and Exhibition.
Arrival of Sabah Chief Minister Dato Seri Shafie Apdal.
Booth by Dura Technology.
Dr Voo greets DS Shafie Apdal during the exhibition.
Group photo session with the chief minister.
Dr Voo as a one fo the keynote speaker during the conference.
Sabah World Rivers Day International Conference and Exhibition.
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MOU Signing Ceremony Bewteen DURA and CPAC (Thailand)

07Bangkok 19 September 2019 - Dura Technology Sdn Bhd (DTSB) today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with The Concrete Products and Aggregate Company Limited (CPAC) in the SCG Group compound in Bangsue, Thailand. Mr. Chana Poomee, Vice President of Cement and Construction Solution Business, Cement Building Material gave an opening speech which highlighted the importance of new technologies and products being introduced to the current building industry in Thailand. This step will act as a catalyst to the growing country and that they envision to be recognized as a leader in the concrete products business in Thailand that uphold strict corporate governance.

The Concrete Products and Aggregate Company Limited Co. Ltd, a subsidiary of SCG Cement-Building Materials has a history of over a century in Thailand. Being the oldest and largest group of companies in building material, it is no doubt that they are aggressively working to maintain as a market leader over the years. As the tagline “Better Together” says it all, CPAC is working on bringing in new ideas and technologies to work together to provide more efficient and effective construction solutions to the current issues and system.

The signing of this Memorandum will further concrete moves and collaborations between Dura Technology and CPAC in developing solutions to the industry while motivated to be on par with international companies for sustainable growth, stability and strength. Dura Technology Sdn Bhd which was represented by Adj. Prof. Ir. Dr. Voo Y.L. mentioned that it is a great opportunity to be working together with one of the most established building material company in Thailand. He is sure that DURA® can make a mark in the Land of Smiles with this collaboration which will benefit the locals. In line with DTSB’s vision to be a pioneering concrete technology leader in Malaysia and Southeast Asia, we are thrilled to be bringing Ultra High Performance Concrete to our neighbour country and is looking forward to unveil new projects and products to the advantages of both Malaysia and Thailand.

MOU Signing Ceremony Between CPAC and Dura (190919).
Arrival of distingushed guests.
Opening speech by the MCs.
Welcoming speech by Dr Chana Poomee (VP - Cememnt and Constructio Solution Businees).
The crowds.
Signing of the MOU.
Group photo 1.
Group photo 2.
MOU Signing Ceremony Between CPAC and Dura (190919).
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Handover Ceremony for Project -Replacement of Old Bridge in Sg. Raia, Perak

Perak :
Handover ceremony was held on 9th August 2019, near the Sungai Raia bridge. En Abd 01Aziz bin Jantan, Board of Director Dura Construction Sdn  Bhd, being an honoured representative to handover the  bridge to the Ministry of Public Works representative, Senior  Branch Director, Ir. Hj. Zulakmal bin Hj. Sufian. This is the  first project named "Program Menggantikan Jambatan Uzur  Untuk Peningkatan Had Berat Muatan Kenderaan  Perdagangan Di Semenanjung Malaysia" handled by Dura  Construction Sdn Bhd and considered as a stepping stone to  forge Dura Construction Sdn Bhd’s name in construction industry. Out of the 4 bridges, Sungai Raia is the first bridge to be completed.

This project was scheduled to be completed by Mac, 2020. However, Sungai Raia bridge was successfully completed by end of July, 2019, making the project 7 months ahead from schedule. This is a great achievement for a new company to the construction industry.

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Technical visits Dura Factory from IIESM, FCE and CSM

06IPOH, 20 JUNE 2019:
A total of 13 guest from Institute for Infrastructure Engineering and Sustainable Management (IIESM), Faculty of Civil Engineering (FCE), and Concrete Society of Malaysia (CSM) organized a technical visit at Dura Technology factory  in Chemor, Perak. The purpose of this visit was to provide a more in-depth knowledge in the science of concrete materials have led to the development of a new class of cementitious composites that called ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC). UHPC is being considered for use in a wide variety of highway infrastructure applications. The high compressive and tensile strengths allow for the redesign and optimization of structural elements compare with the normal concrete.

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